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Name:Hawaii 5-0 Flash Fiction
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Hawaii 5-0 Flash Fiction
Welcome to the Hawaii Five-0 Flash Fiction communit(ies)!

This community is modeled on the [community profile] sga_flashfic community and other flash fiction communities that have come before us.

Challenges will be posted once every two weeks; you have two weeks to respond to the challenge. Fiction and art are both gladly accepted in response to challenges.

Your story or art must be posted only to one (or both) of the H50 flashfic communities ([info]h50_flashfic on LJ or [community profile] h50_flashfic on DW) for the duration of the challenge. The challenge will be formally closed by one of the ADMINS at the end of the challenge period (or as soon as they get around to it); you can keep posting until you see that formal closing message. After that message, no more stories for that challenge will be accepted, and you are free to crosspost your story to your own LJ, webpage, archive, or anywhere else. The wrap-up post will contain a list, with links, to all stories posted for that challenge. A new challenge will be posted shortly thereafter.

Please suggest challenges! Challenge suggestions should be left in the comments section of the suggestions post.

For your Archivists’ convenience, please include the title of your work and the author/artist name in the subject line of the post. Stories must be tagged appropriately for ease of categorizing and finding them later. Please use a cut tag; pairings, warnings, and other information is appreciated but not required. Caveat lector.

Note that anonymous challenge responses are accepted. Please post these as comments to the challenge post (no author/artist name required, of course).

Spoiler Policy: Spoiler warnings are courteous and appreciated, but only required if your story contains spoilers for any episode or season that has not yet aired in the US. That said, you read at your own risk. We will not be policing spoiler warnings.

Suggested Header for Fic

Suggested Header for Art

Please contribute Hawaii Five-0 stories with a minimum of 100 words. If your story ends up too long to fit in one post, please post it in parts. Be sure to link to part 2 from your part 1 post (etc., if necessary). For longer stories, please remember to use cut tags.

All ratings, pairings, slash, gen, you name it, are welcome here, as long as your response satisfies the conditions of the challenge.

Note: Please do not post anything to the community other than fic/art responses to challenges. Communities exist for fic searches, fact-finding, etc., and questions for us can be left as a comment in any ADMIN post. Any non-fic, non-art posts will be deleted.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ. If your questions have not been answered, feel free to drop a comment in any ADMIN post. [personal profile] trinaest and [personal profile] thestarsexist are your friendly admins.
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